SAP red color indicator

I’ve tried using Get attribute but unable to find parameters to distinguish between small icons - Square green indicator, Red colour small circle, Yellow colour triangle icon in SAP. I have to perform different actions if i get red colour circle or yellow/green color indicators.



@LevKushnir - Any thoughts on this? New activity- “Click picture on screen” will identify indicator and click but objective is to perform different actions after clicking.

This one is coming as single screen while selecting selectors using three methods - default, AA, UiAutomation.


  • notification Icons from Statusbar: check with Read Statusbar activity and Message Type Setting
  • notification Icons from Statistic Button (your screenshot): selector to the button, evaluating the text attribute should give the count
  • notification Icons in the dialog lists: get text of notification element and evaluating it e.g. : @5D@ for the green one.

Sometimes the tooltip helped for further crosschecks

But for sure @LevKushnir will help with on a feedback on this e.g as upcoming features will help in future or out of the box filtering/exporting will do it more easy


Thanks @ppr: I did negative testing. Check notification icons indicators - Read text : 1 by Using Get Attribute activity. If value = 0 then PASS otherwise throw an exception.

please reference the case very clear (I am not sure if the quote is the right one as status bar = handled with Read Statusbar activity without the need of get text.

just tell us your case scenario (1-Status Bar, 2-Button, 3-Label, from above) on which you had worked. Thanks

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