SAP - finding transactions regarding colors of dots (green/red)

Hi everyone in UiPath community. I am new here, this is my first topic here. I need some help about SAP automation in UiPath studio. I have to choose a correct way of working further in respect of colors of dots. If dot is green, then do nothing, else if dot is red, then do particular actions. How can I distinguish colors of dots in UiPath studio with SAP automation ? Please help me, below you can see a picture showing that. Cheers.

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HI @MatiDev1995

Welcome to UiPath World!

As as first step I would suggest to check this page

The most interesting piece would be for you the training: SAP Automation 2020

In the training I am also showing an example how to work with such Red/Green lights in SAP

As a quick hint, use Get Attribute activity to check the status red/green

Happy automation



Thank you very much, it’s great !

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