SAP Multi Language

Hi Folks,

I’ve developed SAP automation in EN i.e. English language.
Now, in PROD SAP language is different.
Do UiPath has some activity or features which converts data scrapped or selectors which has been taken in English converted by default to current language.

Thanks in Advance.

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HI @imsraj

This is not recommended way of doing SAP automation. I would even say “it is forbidden way”!

The automation done in one language should be executed in the same language.

Doing automation on UI level you have to ensure that the tool knows exactly where to click and which activity to perform. Due to different language customisation in SAP, the flow and screens can be different. And you do not want to risk the data corruption in productive environment.

If you want to have Language independent automation, than go on level of API and use SAP BAPI interface and UiPath SAP BAPI activity package

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Hello @LevKushnir,

your SAP experiences are very valuable.

“The automation done in one language should be executed in the same language.”

Thank you very much for this clearification.

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Hello @imsraj,

I don’t have a solution for your requirement, but you can use a variable to check if the connection has the correct language.


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This is amazing for SAP!! :open_mouth:

But, I’m also having language issues with other tools (excel and Agresso ERP) anyone knows how to face language issues on those two applications (or general for any application) in an easy way (instead of going step by step changing the selector)?