SAP Login and SAP Call Transaction

I am using the new activities for SAP, SAP Login, and SAP Call transaction.
In SAP Login after the execution and successful login, it stops with an error message.
The same happens with the Call Transaction.
SAP Call Transaction SAP Login

Here are both Selectors:
Selector Call Transaction Selector SAP Login

I’ve searched in the UI Explorer in both cases, but I couldn’t find the ids the errors refer to.

I know that I can use other activities to solve the issue, as a matter of fact, already did it, but I want to know why this error is happening and how to solve it.

Thank you very much,


HI @Luis_Martirena

To ensure the proper automation of SAP WinGUI, you have to enable SAP Scripting interface

From the screenshot above, SAP Scripting interface is not activated.

Follow this guide

Best regards, Lev

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Hello @LevKushnir, thank you for your reply.
It is weird! because I have it enabled.
Please see the screenshot below:
script enabled|578x360
Also, let me ask you, when you said, “from the picture below”, and surrounded some titles in red, what are these parts that make you said that the scripts are not enabled?
Thank you


is you see AFX in selectors, it means scripting is not enabled.

Follow this docu

Scripting MUST be enabled on Server Side. Your last picture is just Client Side
Follow this docu, step by step

Best regards, Lev

Hello @LevKushnir, thank you very much for your message.
I will have to contact my IT Global Team for this, as I do not have access for those transactions.
Thank you very much for your help, very much appreciated.

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