SAP gui scripting - is it mandatory for SAP automation

i wanted to know if SAP gui scripting - is it mandatory for SAP automation

is it possible if we just use click/type into activities to automate SAP

if not where and how do i learn gui scripting and what language is used

please shed some detail insights on SAP automation

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Yes of course we need GUI into be installed if we want to access the Elements in SAP
For more details on it
Here you go


Cheers @Vikram212

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this is more of a basics …mostly on selector

but what i am looking for is macro coding tutorials for automating SAP

You mean GUI scripting buddy
If so we can get a lot on googling
Cheers @Vikram212

yes bro google has lot of docs but nothing related to how to integrate with UiPath

so only asking

May I know why we need scripting
Because we can handle the click or type into with this gui itself in SAP
I don’t have any idea about gui scripting buddy
But I hope we don’t need any further scripting

Cheers @Vikram212

Enabling SAP WinGUI API scripting allows you to create reliable automation for the SAP WinGUI.

Check this links:

Best regards, Lev

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