SAP Error

Hello everyone, I have the following question, I am using the ReFamework for an automation in SAP, yesterday I ran it and everything worked correctly, at one point during the execution an error happened so a retry was made, at the time it was done The retry got the error that I attached in SAP, due to that error the execution stopped, but it was not finished or retryed … it just stopped, the error was around 3 hours (it was at dawn) I had to click the No button and the execution continued as if nothing had happened.
What could happen? The ideal thing would be that for that waiting time the process will end.


Just to catch the error in English

“Logon balancing error 88: Could not connect to message server(rc=9)”,

For such case I would recommend to use this UiPath Marketplace | Error

Best regards, lev


Thank you very much, I will use that fragment and hope it can work (I will have to wait for it to freeze again)

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