SAP Call Transaction Activity Issue

Hi All,

I am having an issue using the Call Transaction SAP activity. It is working in my other workflows, but I am building a new workflow and it keeps failing with the message “Call transaction: saplogon.exe Time’: Activity timeout exceeded”. The weird part is that even though it fails, it still navigates to the new transaction window…


Here is what the selector looks like:

And here are the packages I have installed for this workflow:



Hi. Maybe you should call this activity only from SESSION_MANAGER transaction (sap easy access page). That built in activity is equals to /nPTMW

@Yurii_Horobets are you saying to change the transaction to “SESSION_MANAGER” or use a different UIPath activity?

Nevermind…I cleared out the “Transaction Code” field and retyped in PTMW and it’s working without an issue now. Maybe I had a space in front of it or something…

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