Suggestion for a SAP BAPI Activity Extension

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Hello UiPath Developer Team, hello Lev and Victor,
today I tried to detect the connection values to an SAP system, e.g. like Client, User, Password, Language etc. from the IConnectionService interface. Unfortunately I don’t find a way to get these information from output property SAPConnection. With GetConnectionInfoParameters I got only the information about the parameters itself.


My suggestion is to extend IConnectionService with a method e.g. GetConnectionValues to get these information. I imagine it on that way:

ConnectionService.GetConnectionValues.Client 'delivers a string 001
ConnectionService.GetConnectionValues.User 'delivers a string BCUSER
ConnectionService.GetConnectionValues.Password 'delivers a SecureString
ConnectionService.GetConnectionValues.Language 'delivers a string EN

What is my motivation?
If it is possible to get these additional information, it is also possible to use other activities in the context of the SAP Application Scope, which needs this information. So these activity can be used for multiple perspectives, not only for BAPIs. On this way the SAP Application Scope activity could serve as an universal container for RFC SAP accesses, e.g. for Invoke Code activity. That would be great.

Thanks for all your effort and support.
Best regards

HI @StefanSchnell

Thanks for the suggestion. I have handover to the right Product Manager.

Best regards, Lev