SAP Automation 2020 - Feedback Space

We want to hear your feedback‌ .

If you have any ideas, issues or improvement suggestions relating to the completely new SAP Academy course , please feel free to add them in this thread.

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Excellent training, congratulations. Would be great bundle together any additional business process flows similar to the ones shown in the training (create purchase orders and invoices)

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@tudor_sabau… Best training Material. Loved watching the complete course, too detail.

I wish there was a way to download the videos tutorial.

Hy, for all using SAP AUTOMATION I recommend SAP GUI Scripting. It is faster.and no timeout crashes in case on step takes too long. I worked a lot in it and it is great :slight_smile:

Can Uipath work as good and as fast as it @tudor_sabau?

HI William, check the links below and you will learn, that we are using SAP GUI scripting interface.

Completely new SAP Academy course , to help you to learn the automation techniques and the best practices for SAP WinGUI automation

For more SAP news in UiPath, visit this link

Best regards, Lev

How to setup the LSMW SAP transction using UiPath.

SAP Automation 2020 was the most important course created in the last months

@wagner thanks for your feedback. As you have learned in the course, you can automation any SAP process and any SAP process. LSWM should not be a problem

This course helped me a lot because i was stucked trying to log in to SAP usin SAPLogon. Besides, I had several problems performing an automation witn StudioX so I had to move to Studio.

I recommed to encapsulate the logic SAP will perform as much as you can through Z programms.


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HI @dennis.urbano

Can you describe it more, what do you mean here? Any real example?

Thanks, Lev

Hi @LevKushnir

I will try to describe it with a real example.

Use case: Creating an Invoice (as in the course)

For each field in SAP transaction FB60 you have to create a step in uipath for example and I had some problems with list boxes. So by far I choose to develop a Zprogram in SAP that receives an excel with the obligatory data and let SAP process the invoice creation trough a BAPI function module. Of course, that means you need an ABAP Developer and probably a FI consultant.

Nowadays Im trying to develop that scenario through an XML document, would you mind if I ask you some issues Im stucked with?.

Tnanks in advance!

HI @dennis.urbano

We are providing out of the box content, which allows customer to use BAPI and enter just a few data in Excel. This is a completly pre-build and ready to go content. Check an example here:


In case of any issue, please use forum and the community will help you :slight_smile: Don’t have any worries, I am following all SAP discussions :male_detective:

Best regards, Lev