SAP Automation using excel

Hi ,
I am currently trying to automate a particular storage location deletion for plants in SAP (SM30 transaction)
I have an excel which contains the plant and the corresponding storage location to delete for that plant along with other storage locations for that plant
Plant Storage location
ADDB 1000
ADDB 2000
ADDB 3000
AGGB 2000
AGGB 3000
AGGB 4000

If the above is the excel i want to delete only storage location 2000 for Plant ADDB and only storage location 4000 for AGGB.

All these locations are already maintained in the SAP System so i would need to check the excel nd check in the system and then delete it from the system.
How do i do it?


try to check SAP Automation & Excel Automation too in youtube or make the courses located in the academy ( RPA Academy ) And you should be very, very able to answer that for yourself.

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