Email Automation in sap

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I have one doubt regarding Email automation

  1. After downloading the Excel file from the sap the name of Excel should be that month range Ex: if i have to download the excel file from dec 1st to jan 1st the file name has to be DEC to Jan
    here what how to write a code for this ?

  2. After saving the excel file i have to delete the unwanted Coolum’s after applying the filter . so do i need to use read range from the excel r is there any way for this ?


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  1. To get the name you need…you can use environment variables but again only if you know that your run for last month or so …but if you want randomly then you need to use the date variables you have in your process in a similar way as below

Now.Addmonths(-2).ToString("MMM") + " " + Now.Addmonths(-1).ToString("MMM") - this would give output as Mar Apr if you run in may month…similarly they change

  1. its better you read the data and do the filteration and all on datatable

But if you need you have an option to do it directly on excel as well using excel related activities like filter, delete row/column etc

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HI @Anil_G

Thanks for helping me out and the excel one everything bot has to be done because I am doing a project where these things came in middle previously it was not there bit the user changed the requirements

Hope this works
thanks again !

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