SAP Automation to check if it's already login

Hi, I’m new. I finished SAP Automation video training and I can successfully login and run some process but my robot is starting from launching SAP, login then run some process.

In real situation, our user maybe already opening SAP and/or already login so how we can check if user is already login? Should I tell users to run the robot from the main menu after login?

Hey @ochiba, You can write program to check if SAP page is already open and user already login. You can do this by using ‘Element Exists’ activity.

Thank you! Is there any good reference or sample robot?

You can also try opening new browser session every time so that your robot can login as expected and you don’t need to check whether SAP page is already opened or user is login. Here is the highlighted property you need to enable for OpenBrowser activity. Hope you understood and it will resolve your issue.


That sounds interesting. Our SAP is installed on local PC. So can we run the another app session just like your explanation instead of browser?

Sorry I don’t know much about SAP environment but what I know is, it can be opened from browser… If you are not opening SAP page from browser then you need to add few conditions to check if SAP app is already opened and user logged in. As mentioned in earlier post, you can do this by using ‘Element Exists’ activity.

Here is the example.

The highlighted variable is of Boolean type, so based on this value you can check using IF-Else condition and process your workflow accordingly.


Hope you understood and it will help to resolve your issue.

Thank you,