SAP automation not working in Remote Machine

I am automating SAP application and now trying to run the same on Remote Desktop machine via robot. The issue is when I am running the robot when remote desktop is open it runs fine but when I close the remote session it doesn’t work and gives timeout exception.

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Hi buddy
Is it minimised manually or along the process

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it is minimzed manually

May I know why we do so
Arr we trying to run as a attended bot

I have deployed the process on a attended bot in the Remote machine. After I start the robot I close the machine so as to test if the process works even if the machine is minimized or closed.

@mayank.te Did you find a solution to your problem? Facing a similar issue, where Excel sheets are read and folder paths created, but only SAP fails when the remote desktop is closed.

@Erik_S i was trying to run the process on a attended bot which does not work if we minimize or close the remote desktop. Let me know if you’re using attended or unattended bot ?

Actually I use an unattended bot for this, so I figured that it should be able to run in the background with no active desktop connection. I have no clue what may cause that only SAP software is failing when I run the bot like this. When I watch the bot on the server with active remote desktop connection SAP runs fine.