Sap Application click

hi everyone,
how to click the text inside thing like below attached is a SAP application.
help me
thanks in Advance


You wanted to click on Convert ? :
As i can see - there is Shortcut assigned to it (Shift + F8)
Send Hotkey (Shift + F8)

In SAP , If No shortcut is assigned …
Taking same example : Assuming No Shortcut was available for Convert : :

you can use the option of Send Hotkey.

  • using Tab >> Navigate to More.
  • Then Send hotkey >> Down Key >> You are in Planned Order List.
  • Then Send Hotkey >> Left Key >> You are in Convert.
  • Then Send Hotkey >> Enter

Try with Alternate HotKeys : Ctrl / Alt .

if you want to click on convert then fallow below step.
–>Attach the window and make Selectors Dynamic
—>Inside Attach Window Drag and drop Send HotKey activity Pass the value (Shift+f8)
hopefully it will work :slight_smile: