Sap and sap2010 values changing, making merges a headache


I am working with other developers and attempting to apply standard git workflow methodologies to ensure that our UiPath code is being tracked and merged on a per-story basis. The problem though is that, when a file is opened, there are values associated with some activities under sap and sap2010 that are being changed regardless of whether any actual changes were made in the file. This is making merging extremely noisy and even harder than it already is trying to eyeball XML files to see what changed.

My questions are:

  • What are the sap and sap2010 values?
  • Are those portions necessary? Can I remove them?
  • Is there any way that they can be turned off for future activities if they are not needed?

Example of what I am seeing when attempting to merge:

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xamls file are not to be handled manually, it’s not supported to alter them outside of UiPath Studio.

You can use the file diff in Studio for these differences as you will see only activities changes.

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This is not a valid solution however as the diff tool is not smart enough to be able to handle the case where a file truly needs to be merged between several code edits in a single file. This is made even more painful by the fact that the ReFramework pigeonholes a lot of things in the Main.xaml file.

@loginerror, I know that you changed this to a question, but I truly believe this to be a blunder on the UiPath side in regards to what information is being stored in the xaml files. It, to me, is clear that version control was not considered when first creating the xaml structure for the product.

@alexandru @loginerror, can I get a response to the above? The given solution does not work as it does not allow me to manage codebases where there are multiple in-flight code edits to the same file, meaning that the git integration is pretty much useless if I cannot have more than one person working on a codebase at a time.

I am still awaiting a response. Should I put in a support ticket for further clarification? @loginerror

Hi @dmccammond

We will consider your feedback for future versions of the version compare tool. Your point is fair about the potential to still optimize the experience for your scenario.

I do have to reinforce the comment of @alexandru that altering XAML files outside of Studio will probably not become a focus, because we would rather make it easy in the product itself.