SAP and Excel Decimal Point Mixup

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Hello guys,

Recently i have started to use UIPath to automate some processes that use both SAP and Excel, by exporting some files from SAP and saving them in xls format to later process them.

My problems lies in the fact that when the robot opens the file, the decimal point and the thousands separator get mixed up and i end up with the comma as a thousands separator and the full stop as a decimal point, but when i manually open the file it opens with the correct format. Can anyone tell me why this would happen and how to prevent it from happening?

FYI: My temporary solution has been to get the robot to change the system settings to the same format that it opens with so that it can perform the operations in Excel correctly.

PS: the file i uploaded was downloaded by hand.

Guilherme Moura

Hello @guilherme,

could you please send/attach excel that you’re working on?



Hello guilherme,

I had the same problem recently. In my process I first opened the .xls file (downloaded from SAP) and saved it as an .xlsx file. When I did this by using the “Excel application scope” activity I faced the dot and comma mix up issue mentionned by you. Finally I found a solution where instead of using the “Excel application scope” activity I simply open the .xls file with “click” activities and save it as xlsx, also using clicks and hotkeys. I hope this helps in your case too.


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Ok thank you!