Formatting issues when importing values from xls to SAP

Hi everyone,

I trying to import some values with 2 decimals, from an excel file, to SAP. The values have as a separator a comma in the xls file, but when they are imported in SAP, that separator is automatically changed to a dot.
I tried formatting the xls column several times, and everything seems ok there, but I don’t know why, after I run the robot all those values are populated in SAP with the wrong separator.
The format of the values is as an example: 14598,00 and in SAP is taken as 14598.00 after running the bot.

Many thanks,

So you need 14598,00 in SAP? Usually language settings autocorrect these kind of text formats. Maybe you need to change the language setting in SAP?

If by any chance you have the wrong value in UiPath you can simply sapvalue.replace(".", “,”) in your TypeInto Activity

Or if your Excel values are decimals you can convert them to string with excelvalue.ToString or

To avoid these problems always convert data to string and make sure it is in the format the target application expects it. Set a breakpoint in debugging to see if it works.