SAP 770 Selector Issue

Resolution when it is not possible to highlight the selectors properly in SAP 770.

Issue Description:

It works fine with SAP 750 and SAP 760, but not with SAP 770. With the introduction of multi-monitor scaling, an additional category of issues appears. On another monitor with a different scaling setting.


  • Application is displayed on monitor with 150% scaling
  • User changes the splitter cell width to 300 pixels
  • User leaves application and application remembers the width of the splitter as 300 pixels
  • User moves the SAP GUI window to monitor with 100% scaling
  • Application takes the remembered width and applies this
  • The splitter is displayed by factor 1.5 too wide.

Resolution: Try getting selectors in all, using Framework mode as

  • Default
  • Active Accessibility
  • Ui Automation

If the issue persists, perform the below instructions,

  1. Close all SAP windows incl. SAP Logon itself
  2. Set the DPI (Dots Per Inch) scaling of ALL your monitors to 100% (means, no scaling)

  1. Go to desktop screen
  2. Right click your mouse
  3. Select Display settings
  4. Go to Scale Layout > Change the size of text, apps, and other items (under scale and layout)
  5. Set to 100%

  1. Restart SAP Logon .

Also,

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