Studio Cannot Select Fields Correctly In SAPv770

What to perform when Studio cannot correctly detect and select fields in SAP pages?

SAP v 7.70 comes with support for multi-monitor usage and it selects an entire section rather than 1 field., however, Studio workflows fail if the DPI scaling is any value different than 100%.

The workflow fails in selecting fields or items from the SAP GUI page, like exemplified below:

sap error1.PNG

sap error2.jpeg

This is a known issue by SAP and the current recommendation is to choose either of below option

  • Change the scaling to 100% from Windows settings on the machines the workflow is running on. This should be performed on all the monitors being used
  • Upgrade SAP WinGUI to 7.70 Patch 05 and higher .

Read more on the SAP GUI For Windows 7.70: New Features and Lifecycle .