Sample RPA Resume

Dear All,

please help me with the Sample Resume of RPA Skills . it will be useful for me for applying for job

thanks all

Hi @Mohsin_Ali_Mohammed ,
You can start with the skills included in the academy, automation with Web, App, excel, word,…
Additional skills such as LINQ, HTML, office (excel, word, outlook), gmail,… VBA, PDF,…
I see the most are Website and Excel, please focus more on these two types

@ Nguyen_Van_Luong1 thanks a lot

Hello, friend. You can review the job description in the job postings. Identify the skills you already possess as the benchmark, and for those you don’t know, you can explore and list them on your CV with the status ‘learning.’ In summary, the main focus is working with web, Excel, PDF, OCR, and if possible, updating knowledge on GPT and AI would be even better!