Seeking Advice: Crafting an RPA Portfolio for Job Applications

I’m sorry to ask you all, but this is not a technical question. I’m having trouble with how to write an RPA portfolio for job seeking.

Below is the portfolio format that ChatGPT provided, and that is one of my projects that I was involved in as an RPA Developer.

Project Name: Sales PIC Task Assign Automation

Project Type: Internal – Sales Department

Stakeholders: Sales Assistant, Sales Executive

Role: Developer

Technologies/Tools Include: UiPath Studio, MS Excel, MS Outlook, Web Application (Company Confidential)

Description: Every week on Thursday, our sales assistant spent 60 to 90 minutes of her time preparing and sending project sales data that needed to be closed on our web app. So, our team analyzed the existing manual workflow to identify automation opportunities and designed an RPA solution. The manual process involves downloading the report files, transforming data, and formatting. We developed and implemented an RPA solution using UiPath and Excel VBA to automate the process, resulting in a 100% fully automated process.

Outcome: The manual process is eliminated 100%, saving time and enhancing the productivity of our Sales assistant.

Is there anything I’m making wrong because I’ve been seeking RPA jobs in Singapore for almost three months, but I only had one interview and they never replied :laughing:. I have passed both UiRPA(Associate) and UiADP(Professional) exams and have two years of experience. And I’m starting to think there is something not right with my resume and portfolio.

Any advice or guidance from seniors would be helpful and appreciated.

This is my very first post on the forum. So forgive me if anything is wrong :smiley:

there are similar threads on forum but no one actually given useful answer.

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