How to prepare our resume for 2 year experience in UiPath?

Team, I hope all are well and good I have a dought and I don’t know how to prepare my resume for the RPA developer job I planned to change my company so I need to prepare my resume I have 1-year experience In UiPath last month I update my resume in my Naukri profile I didn’t get a single call also and one of my friend he was React developer and he updates his profile on the same day he gets more calls on that time I felt like for Uipath developer there is no job I fell bad on that time and I take It as a challenge can Anyone explain how to Update my resume
I know
Java language and I know selenium and front-end HTML, CSS, Spring-Boot, SQL
I have 1.2 years of experience in STSK as a UiPath Developer, now I planned to learn ABBYY and AWS Texture.

Can Any help me how can build my resume and where should I upload my resume?

What should I Do for getting more calls from the company?

Am apologize to the Uipath forum people. I don’t know where should I explain My problem because in my company also no senior developer are there for RPA and in my circle also no one is there so am Upload hear I know this is not the right place But what should I do.

I hope I will get a good response from you

Chethan P

Hello, @copy_writes

first of all, good luck in your journey trying to get to a new company.
Are you only using Naukri or have you tried some other platforms like Linkedin? I found my job position there and got some calls just by having RPA/UiPath in my skills list.
I think the best way to get more engagement/calls is by sending CVs to companies, what I mean is: be proactive, don’t way for them to reach out, be confident in your knowledge and apply for the job positions that you think are interesting to your career path.
Also, I think the most important thing in a resume is to be concise, try to show all your projects and technologies known in the shortest space possible, they usually want to know what you know and what you did, so other information might be irrelevant for them.

Hope this helps somehow, although I don’t have that much experience in the area.
Happy Automation :robot:


thank you

in Naukri only today I will update in linked in and below my cv is there you can check Still some update I need to do
Chethan P Software Enegeninger.pdf (102.5 KB)


in my opinion having colors makes your CV unique, I like that you didn’t just follow a template, in my case, I also added a photo of myself, but I don’t think that is a “must have”. I also like the fact that you listed your projects with a short explanation. Overall I like the CV, use the Introduction section to get the company to know a little about you (who are you, what soft skills do you consider to be your strongest and your motivations), I don’t think the “Declaration” section and the one bellow are necessary and I would give more profile details, I provided my linkedin and github, not a “must have” as well, but it can be an extra.
One small detail, is that website correct? I couldn’t reach it, it gives me a 404 error.

Hope everything was well explained.
Best regards,

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yes I did a mistake in that still my cv was not completed I just improve my skill section I need to add the LINQ and Regex

Hey, @Wonderful, sorry for the late response, if I can help, I’ll be more than happy to, it’s free and it might actually be useful for someone!
So I had a few months of experience in front end, but nothing special, still a junior, so far I’m enjoying my way in RPA, so many cool automations you can build.