Salesforce Activities

Hello everyone!

I’ve tried to use the new SalesForce Activities (1.8.0) but there are a lot of issues.

There are no dependencies, but the oldest versions do have. On this new version, I can’t even start the application scope.

Please, can someone help me to correct this lib?


Have you tried to roll it back to earlier version (prior to 1.8.0)?

Yes! Previous versions are working fine (1.7.0) but in a minor version of the SalesForce API.

The latest stable version (1.8.0) works with the SalesForce API v54.0.

Hi @Lucas_Capalbo

Is this still the case?

If so, could you please send a screenshot of your project panel (with all the dependencies expanded) with the 1.8.0 version installed?
Are you getting any errors in the output panel?