Sales force invalid client id error

All ,
while connecting via , salesforce connection manger i am getting this following error.

am 100 % sure my client secret and key is correct. so as the user name and password. this is the same user name and password we used to log in to salesforce ui and set up the connected app. still not sure where this error is coming from


First Question do you have Proxy Connection?
You are working On Sandbox or production?
Please do all these steps from this Movie that include also the creation of Dev/Test environment. If you do all these steps correctly this will work, Then next steps are to identify what’s wrong with your connection. Be very careful on Dev/Test environment you need to select Production instead of Sandbox like in my movie.

This is the movie:

this is for test.
initially i was under impression that this needs to be given in the custom option in the connection manager.
but from uipath support saying this can be done by selecting test option in the connection manager.

When you login to salesforce from WEB you have 2 options: ----- Sandbox ----- Production
The link that you provide me is after login and that’s why I’m not able to understand what is your type of environment.

Hi Christian , sorry for coming here late. the missing part was the call back url settings in the connector. once we have put that value , it worked fine.

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