S110_ReFramework Transaction Data Scenario Based Query


I have used the Dispatcher for uploading the data into the Queue (Added Successfully), and updated the queue name in the Config sheet too.After this, In RE-Framework while trying to retrieve the data am facing the output as “Process finished due to no more transaction data”.
Please Clarify and do the needful.

Finally Extracted the data from the web and was able to see the output in the Output panel, but unable to write it in the excel sheet.

Thanks In Advance,


what was the queue status?


Hi @Harsha_S1

Seems like some variable or argument is being empty

Can you check do you have same variables in different scopes and also keep a message box and see intindex and strCapital is returing any data

And also if you need to see the updated data in the Excel you need to write the updated datatable to that particular excel file
that assign u have used will will update only the datatable