Runtime execution errore how can i capture this messagge?

Hi All,

how can i return this messagge “The source contains no DataRows” in the activity Log Messagge in the try catch?
Could you help me?


hey @vittoria
use the exception variable of catch block in write line: exception_variable.message and you will get the the same message
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@Parth_Doshi thanks for your reply, but if i don’t use try catcht, how can i get that message?

your workflow has stopped execution at that point. i don’t think there will be any other activity to store it. not completely sure about it.

is it right the variable type?

yes the type is right
variable.message is what you need to give in write line

You can also check for rows in the datatable before accessing the datatable.

for eg. If datatable.rows>0 Then Process
Else message no rows in datatable

This way you can set your own message and set it when datatable rows is less than 0

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