[Inquiry] How to break the work process using Error Handling process?

Hello, all

I’d like to make Robot to proceed following action if below exception error is occurred.

The condition is if there is no data row in ‘DtFiltered’ , I’d like to make break process. Otherwise, it proceed other task. Can I make this function with TryCatch activity?

Thank you always !!

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In the catch block, check if the exception message contains this text “The source contains no DataRows”. If yes, put the terminate workflow activity in the then block.

Did you try this already?

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@Surya_Narayana_Korivipadu Hello, Thank you for your reply

Oh, I haven’t tried with that way. how to make that flow?
should I have to place IF condition in Catch block ?

Yes. You have to place IF condition in catch block.

This should be the condition in the IF statement:
exception.message.contains(“The source contains no DataRows”)

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