Running Robots Concurrently at the same machine

Does anyone ever execute robots using Windows Task Scheduler? If yes, what would happen in the case of the robots are being triggered at the same time? Is there any queue mechanism work in Task Scheduler?


Bot will be in pending state

Say if you are logging in a machine and running bot and at the same time if you want to run another process with same bot in same user then it will be in pending state

This is applicable with orchestrator and it should be same when triggering from task scheduler

Usually scenario would be like if Few times job execution time is beyond the scheduler(say 10 mins) and the scheduler is job creating new jobs and keep it in pending state and later throwing the below alert notification

β€œ#schedule ROBOT NAME - TIME for #processPROCESS_NAME could not create jobs. The robots already have pending jobs for this Process (#XXXX).β€œ

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Hey @Mirai

It will of course throw an error prompt !


Is there any further queries on this topic

Thank you for the clarifications, so in this case does the process will be triggered after the current process finish or it won’t start?

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It will trigger once the current process stops
But the current process has to stop within certain time limit

If it goes beyond that time bot will throw error that nee process cannot be triggered

Cheers @Mirai

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I see, thank you for the clarifications Palaniyappan :+1:

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