Robot action after scheduling through Orchestrator/WIndows Scheduler

What will the action or result for below scenario??

If a Robot is already scheduled through Orchestrator / Windows Scheduler.

Suppose a task is initiated by Bot at 3 pm and it continuous but the next scheduled time of Bot i.e. 3 pm of next day arrives and still previous has not been finished and Bot is monitoring that previous Task.So what will be the Bots action.??
It will throw exception or Crash or else what???

Please help.


Hi Shubham,

The job will be in pending state. You can have only different jobs on the same robot queued, check the
In your case, the next day you will have the the job started yesterday still running and a new job pending. Let’s go further and consider that the first job started did not finished not even second day. So, on day 3, we’ll still have the job started in day 1 running, the job in the second day in pending state, but no other job will be added to queue in day 3, as there is already one in queue for the same process.


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