Running Python Code from uiPath: Geeting "Error Loading Python Script"

Can Anyone help as I am getting an error while running Python Code:
“Error Loading Python Script”
steps I followed:

  1. Within Python Scope , I Assigned two variables
  2. Then Load Python Script (Getting error here)
  3. Invoke Python Method
  4. Get Python Object
  5. Message Box to show result


Welcome uipath Community.

Can you share what error it is?



Error Loading Python Script


I am not getting much details about problem if possible share the work flow… Or screenshot of it how your calling and loading the script


Can you please post the python code you scripted @pjain2606




it is working for me, can you store your script inside c:/ drive , but don’t store it in User folder. (15.4 KB)

I am getting error while running UiPath as “Error Detecting Project Version”

UiPath is not opening.

I am using Version 2018.3.2

The actual error with the Python code is the ASCII code detection by the system @pjain2606. That we have to handle it in the code itself.

Now coming to the error, can you try deleting the Project.json file and opening it again and install all the dependencies