Load python script activity. Error loading python script

Hi All, this is my first time using python script in uipath.

Im using load python script activity. But it said, ‘error loading python script’. Kindly assist me, attached my workflow and testing script.
script - test.zip (2.8 KB) get_python workflow.zip (2.0 KB)

Hi @syaheed22

Can you check by changing Python Scope Properties like Version ->Python_36 instead of Auto

Also check the script make sure it is running without any error

Hope this helps


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Hi ksrinu,

I changed already python scope properties, its still error. I tested the script manually, its fine but I dont really sure how to run it using Uipath

Hi @syaheed22

You might want to check which version of Python are you using.
# v1.1.6863.33404 compatible with 64 Bit Python, However the versions prior to that only works with 32 Bit.
Also the Python version supported by UiPath are from 2.7 till 3.6. You can see it in the Version drop down please select the version accordingly.