Can I use multiple browser to complete tgese actions? click, type into, submit action, getting data from api?

Hello, I need to automate 1000 of tasks. I am trying to use Parallel for each activity.

My workflow looks like this. I need to log in to the browser using a username and password after that I need to hit the client id (which will come from API). I now want to open multiple browsers (copying the page where I can enter the client id). Since It takes time to load that page, I need to copy that page/window. Will the whole process end if one of the browsers fails?

PS: I need to do several activities after I enter the client id. For example. submit that client id and select a few drop downs and put some remarks before finally submitting that task.

You can try using multiple browser and give different variables name

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How can I do that? Can you be please more specific?

I can’t use multiple browsers because it would case errors in my system. That’s why I need to work on the same tab of the particular browser.

@Samraat_Maharjan1 can you share the share workflow?

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