How to make robot to be able to differ incognito and non incognito windows

Hi. I am intending to open and process two windows of chrome at once: 1 incognito window and 1 non incognito window. Both of the windows accesses the same URL. The issue which I am currently facing is robot cannot differ which window that is incognito and which other that is not incognito due to the same elements of both of the chrome windows.

I indicated both windows and the both elements’ from each window are exactly the same. Below is the elements which are indicated for attach browser activity:

I need the robot to be able to differ each window so it can process different things on different submenu on the same page title. I have tried:

  • Use the incognito button on the upper right corner of the incognito window as an anchor to incognito browser selector, but robot didn’t recognize it as a browser.
  • Minimize one of the browser before the robot is about to process the other browser, but robot mixed up the process as it was referring to the wrong browser.

Is there any suggestion for this matter? It will mean so much.

Thank you

are you using use application/Browser activity from modern or classic activities

I would use variables to track the different browser windows. Create the variables when opening the browser, and use it later in subsequent browser scopes.

Classic activities:

Modern activities: