Running multiple process simultaneously as a queue in Orchestrator

I have two process (xaml files) and I need to run these two process simultaneously by setting a trigger of one hour in Orchestrator. Is there any way to run multiple process in orchestrator? How to create Queue for the same?

@Anju_Unnikrishnan If the two processes are not UI Dependent then you can publish the processes as a background Process and set a time trigger for the processes. It should execute simultaneously.

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I have two separate xaml files and both are standalone processes. I didn’t get the point about the UI Dependency in this case. How can we publish the processes as background process?


@Anju_Unnikrishnan Are there UI Activities involved in these processes ?

If you are able to publish the processes as Background, then you can run multiple background processes at the same time, but there shouldn’t be any UI Activities involved in it.

You can either create a Background process from Scratch using the Background Process Template.

Or You can navigate to Project Settings -> General -> Starts In Background (Yes)

Yes, this is correct. As long as your process is not Ui Dependent. The processes can run simultaneously

If you are using click Activities - TIck the Simulate Type
If you are using Type into - Tick Simulate Type, or you can use Set Text