Running a vbs file and passing the output of vbs


I can not get a meaningful information in the forum.
I want to know 2 points.

  1. How to run a VBS

  2. How to pass a result of VBS to Uipath


you can use invoke Code activity under workflow


Thx! It was extremely helpful!


Can I pass a arguments or return? and how?


yes just create arguments and assign code output values to arguments and use them in the Uipath other work flow locations.



Thank you ! Actually that was written by me LOL
Anyway so Thank you for you help:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


I posted it here so that it will be useful for rest of the team members at one place …who are searching for answers. :slight_smile:


instead of pastng script code in invoke code how do i invoke the vbs file name using invoke code


were u able to write script code directly.


i tried to use invoke code and was successful to pass multiple input arguments to vbs file using System.Diagnostics.process.start.

I am not able to find an approach to get output argument from vbs file. can someone help me on ths


@lawanyaram please assign value to a Global Variable inside the Invoke Code.
Please create same name as a Global Variable in the Main Script (Main Scope) and try to Use Message Box to print after Invoke code.

I did’t tried this but might work… please give a try and post your inputs for UiPath community.


I am unable to find “invoke code” activity


Please add UiPath.Core,Activities from your Package Manager (Ctrl+P on your UiPath application)
after loading you can see all Invoke Code, Invoke Workflow File, Launch Workflow Interactive … etc…





I am not finding it am I seeing in the wrong activity or is it because of the version?


Check out your Core Activities version.

it might be older than 2017.



now the next question, do I need to upgrade the UIpath or can I just upgrade the activity

and is there a way that I can reach out to you email or phone


Update your UiPath to Latest version 2018… and it will automatically update all core activities.