How to pass input arguments to vbscript and call vbscript from within a sequence

I need to run a vbscript (which uses to input arguments) from within a sequence.
VBscript full path: C:\AGProjects\UIPath\Rnd\DownloadedFiles\Merge.vbs
input Arguments to VBS: ID (string) and Filepath(string)

So far i have tried ‘Start Process’ or ‘Invoke Code’ but couldn’t get it working. Please help!

Could you please elaborate the issue you are facing.
You can pass the argument in invoke code

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Thanks for your response. I was able to resolve the issue. I will post the steps shortly…just in case anybody else is also looking for the same information.

@ankit29822Did you ever post the steps? Thanks.

You may try out the steps i mmentioned at below forum link:

Let me know if u face any issue

Hi Team,
FYI: I’m a java developer. don’t know much about vb code.

My requirement:
pass the variable to the VB .Net code written in “Invoke code” activity.

My Steps:
ConsoleWriteSequence.xaml (5.9 KB)
As can be seen in attachment , i have used 1 assign activity: to capture the value of variable.
Passed that variable as Arguments to Invoke Code activity.

How can I use this argument in my VB .net code block?

Hi @Abhinav_Shah

In case you haven’t resolved this yet, you can refer to ankit29882’s last shared link.
Though the specific comment relevant to your query might be the ff.

Just to give you a simple image, here’s how I used your passed “text” argument.

I hope it helped!