Running a StudioX workflow inside Studio that uses the Project Notebook

I am trying to run a sequence of workflows from Studio (some created in Studio, some in StudioX) through the “invoke workflow file” activity and it’s erroring out on the step that saves a file name in the Project Notebook in StudioX. I read that all StudioX activities can be ran from Studio but I’m wondering if there’s a way to add the Project Notebook file to my Studio workflow? I’ve considered storing the name in a variable within Studio but since StudioX doesn’t have variables, I want it to still run in StudioX.


We can open a studioX process in studio but the reverse is not possible

Considering that project notebook can be read with studio like how we read a Config file in REFramework

Project notebook is literally the same

So design the process with set of activities in studio in a way to read that project notebook so that this won’t occur


Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. I went in to the original StudioX project & configured the Project Notebook file. It runs fine in StudioX and in Studio. However, when I add it to a new project with the “invoke workflow file” activity, it errors out on the Project Notebook step. Rather than pointing to the file in the original project folder, it’s creating a new Project Notebook file with nothing in it. How do I populate the new file with the original data?