Features of studioX in studio

Dear Team,

As a UiPath - RPA Developer, it’s well known that studioX was brought from studio with many changes in its features, UI, etc which can be adapted by a citizen developer who has no programming background.

But what I observed is certain features were introduced exclusively in studioX and those feature were really making a big difference

This feedback is about those exclusive features and ways to include them with its predecessor, Studio

Let me try to put them in place one by one

1. Project Notebook :

This helps a lot not only for string/Date manipulation but also plays a major role with runtime data manipulation
That is when bot runs it can be used as a runtime playground and have data that can be used when automation runs
Having said that using the Project Notebook helps to keep projects organized and makes it easier for others to view and update in the future as needed and also a great place to store, organise important steps in the process, It can be included in studio as well isn’t it…

2. Number Naming for each activity

In StudioX, each activity when included inside the design panel they get named with a number as a prefix like

  1. Click
  2. Select item

This will be very useful especially when any exceptions occurs and to trace back the place where it occurred in Studio.
a cool feature that can be included in studio

3. Data Managers

This might be little surprising on why this feature has to be added as it is already being handled in studio with Project panel and Variables panel

But there is one feature which made me like this and thought how it would be if it’s in studio

That is

  • To go to the activity where a value was saved, double-click the saved value in data manager*

Ofcourse this is still possible when we search for a variable with universal search feature in studio it will take us to the tagged activity
But it is something that we need to mention or search and not like already available with its name and just double click on that variable or value to get those activity

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Hey @Palaniyappan ,

Thank you for your detailed feedback once again. What parts of the string & date manipulation from Project Notebook you found more useful?



Especially the Date and File sheet that manipulates the input data

Text and number sheet in project notebook is fine but I feel date and File sheet gives more data when input is given to it

Cheers @Raluca_Laic

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