Running a robot unattended not working if screen locked

Hi @Vivek_Ananth

Have try to run the process when the screen is unlocked? Is It working?

Restart the Uipath.RobotJS.ServiceHost.exe and check it

Just tried now. It could not interact with UI elements when screen is locked.

Hi @Vivek_Ananth

Could you check the things

  1. We should have any on going connections with the VM(bot machine) like user logins. to avoid this we have to restart the VM to make sure that no user logged into this VM machine.
  2. Have you installed the Bot which you are running as un attended from orchestrator by using MSI installer since we must install the bot with service mode since service mode bot is required for un attended automation.
  3. Make sure that you assigned un attended bot license for the Bot(VM) which you are trying to run your process un attended.


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