Run time Execution Error in Source : Write Cell

I frequently run across errors when executing Xaml. Sometimes Xaml functions flawlessly and without any issues. If I try to run the same data again after the initial run, an error occurs. Please investigate this and assist me in solving this problem.


Try using a kill process before excel activities…

I believe there is some excel process that is running in background


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Hi @Muthu_Selva_Karthikeyan ,

Would you be able to share a bit more about the workflow to help us understand the issue at hand? I’d like to learn the following:

  • In the workflow, are you using any loops involving the same Excel file / sheet? And in each of the loop’s scopes, are you having a Use Excel File activity for that file?
  • Are you reading data in parallel from the same Excel sheet?
  • What version of the Excel package are you using?