How to run a python script, to generate an excel file and then use it

I’m creating a process that scrapes some data into an excel, and then a python file clean it and add new info, then send it to another place, but the part where I try to run the python file always fail,

I try with a simple script but looks like I don’t really understand how to use the activity “run python script” because i always get the same error,

looks like the routes in the python scope are working

this is the really simple python script that I try to use to understand the activity, is not the best one but when you run it from visual studio on terminal it works,

[import pandas as pd

data = pd.read_excel("Wachete_clean_news_.xlsx")

data = data["Country"] + "region"


I’m using a conda environment, but i also don’t understand where i can tell uipath to use the exact environment that i want to use, i already look for videos, or the main page of python activities in uipath, but most of them just invoke a function, i also try to change the script to a function and invoke it, but is still not working.

any ideas or support with this problem, or another way to run a python from uipath?, like cmd or something else?


In the Python scope you have an property to define which version you need to use

By default it is Auto, so set to the exact version and check

Hope this will help you


thanks, but I know about the version change, that’s not the problem at all