Unable to run the python script


I try to run the python script using UI Path.

I created python scope within that i created run Python script activity.

Executed started and ended immediately without any error. Also, nothing happened as per my scirpt.

Please help me to resolve this.

Define a function and return some value.
Then you will get certain Output

My python script itself supposed create some excel output… Which is not happening.

So, it shows the script is not executed.

Can you share your Python script?

i was not able to upload the py file

You can zip it and send it

precheck.zip (919 Bytes)

even simply reading one excel file and doing some modification and then creating a new file using python is also fine for me.

Can you provide the test CSV file as well?

file.zip (936 Bytes)

Hi Kavitha,

I have created the workflow which interacts with Python. I was able to get the output but failed in creating an excel. Maybe we have to reach out to Uipath regarding this. We are able to create a new Excel file by running the script but when Integrating with Uipath it doesn’t seem to be working.

Anyway attaching the integration to Uipath.
In the assign variable, pass the CSV path as Input.

precheck.zip (4.1 KB)

Ok Thanks. Let me check

Hi Rahul,

Iam facing an error "error loading python script "

Please check if you’re able to run the Python script individually