RPA Whitelisting


In my bank, I started testing UiPath, but unfortunately, I cannot authenticate the UiPath Studio through the bank network, and I cannot access wireless network because I won’t able to access the core banking software.

The network team also tried to whitelist these domains:

And the robot is unable to connect while on LAN Network.

Which other domains should I whitelist?

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Kindly check with the firewall setting whether the robot.exe is whitelisted
if so remove from the list and try once
if issue still persists
uninstall and reinstall the uipath studio

kindly correct me if i have understood the query wrongly
Cheers @Salem_Ababneh


Hi @Salem_Ababneh

Just like @Palaniyappan mentioned, check with the network administration team for accessing the network. I have heard similar scenarios from my friends as well. Due to company data security policies they tend to block every possible thing. So you will need to work with them to gain access to the systems through the network.

You may need to create special domain accounts for the robot as well if needed with special permissions.

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They got it fixed, they opened the ports for m a week, and monitored all the connections, the white listed them.