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Can anyone list down set of RPA pratice sites?. I would like to pratice and implement complex tasks.

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The best one: academy.uipath.com :blush:

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Am asking about demo sites to try out new scenarios.

Hi @monish06, have you tried the assignments available on advance training of academy. It uses https://acme-test.uipath.com/account/login Where you have usecases to automate with different requirements and complexity.

Yes I have used it. I would like to perfrom activities like anchor base activities.


Try below RPA Challenge and it is based on Anchor Base activities. Read instructions carefully and download excel file and then automate it.


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For example

Both would help you a lot
Cheers @monish06

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Please try RPA challenges as other forum members said.
And for complex and to try your skill set, please join the following challenge and complete the challenges -

Karthik Byggari

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