Where to find exercise to practice UiPath?

Hi guys.

SInce I still new to UiPath, may I know where I can get some practices to strengthen my skills?

Thank you.

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  • Goto https://academy.uipath.com/
  • Register for new user.
  • Enroll for foundation training.
  • Once you complete foundation, you get access for advanced modules.

@Vivek_Arunagiri thank you but I already done that module. Any other kind of practices, besides https://academy.uipath.com/ ?

thank you for noticing me btw. (:

In academy itself you have Level 3 Advanced training which is completely practical.

Apart from academy you have https://certificate.uipath.com/account/login. Which offers advanced developer certification for free only till Dec 31st.

@Vivek_Arunagiri thank you for your suggestions. I will try it. thank you.

Any other suggestions are welcome.

Thank you.

try ti solve these challenges, that will be really good things to practice with fun:)

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Try this: @Ahmad_Albab

thank you so much @Divyashreem @ImPratham45 . (:slight_smile: I’ll try it.

Hi, Could you please help for Uipath Certification Exercise completion, I am getting below failed criteria.

1, Check the initallapplications.xaml file, for correct definition and functionality
2. Check for renaming activities 1.

My solution is working fine, but i am getting this type errors. Please help me.

You has to use all the activities that they have said to do.
They checks that you have created that workflow or not (ex. Login and log out)
They also checks that you have created the activities i.e. Append or not(if it is in problem statement)
They also check u invoked that workflow in particular or not.

check it and let me know!!

Thanks for your help, i will check and let you know.