RPA Support Tips

Hello everyone! The support for one of our RPA will be transitioned to us for support. Do you guys have any tips for what needs to be transitioned/or what we should know aside for the workflow etc?


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It really depends on what it is you are managing. If it is just development and troubleshooting of workflows, then it should be fine. You should have a development environment on the client infrastructure to allow you replicate workflows and address any issues. Make sure you have all the design documentation created during implementation of the workflows as understanding of the business process can be just as important as the technical configuration of the bots. Also ensure you have clear processes for releasing changes to their production environments with roles and responsibilities outlined in an agreed framework with your client.

However, if you are managing more than that, including Orchestrator, hosting, bot infrastructure…it will need to a lot more comprehensive. Clear SLAs would need to be in place across all areas of support.