RPA Startes page does not load for two days

Good morning. My name is Mônica. I/m brazilian. I’m a beginner and I’m in the basics. After a good walk in Starter, when the time came to build the Studio project, the page is no longer loaded. If I click the back button, I see the previous lesson. If I click the forward button, I see the final completion questionnaire. But I can no longer access the page to finish the Studio project. I use Windows 10 on my home and work computer and this occurs on both. While I wait for the solution I started the Business Analyst course, it’s working normally. Are you help me, please? Thanks.

Referring to @Pablito: maybe he has an idea :slight_smile:

Thanks, Hiba! How am I speach with Pablito, how to send a message directly to him?
Sorry, It’s my first time in the Forum…

Hi @Monica_Thirsa,
Welcome to the Community!
Are you able maybe to record the screen including this issue or at least share with us some screenshots? Based on this it will be easier for our Academy team to check it out.

Hi, Pablito
i have screenshots but new users can’t attach documents…sorry.

Please check again. Now you should be able to attach them :slight_smile:

I try. The same information, sorry.

I contacted with @Monica_Thirsa on the private message. I will update this topic after the issue will be fixed.

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