RPA query

This is vignesh. i am NON IT background person working in one MNC company. for some project requirement, they moved me in RPA vertical as bot operations team. one who monitors the bot . i advised by some of my friends to learn development . so i registeried in UI path community edition and finished the foundation level training, orchestrator and advanced level RPA developer. Now i don’t know how to proceed. i am looking for opportunity in rpa vertical. can any one suggest me what i need to do to move my carrer in RPA .


First of all, congratulations for completing the trainings. You can do free certification in UiPath here which will add more weightage to your resume and add value to you as well :slight_smile:


I hope you have completed level 3 training in academy, so it will be easy to complete the certification exam as well.

All the best and congrats again @vignesh5048


HI @vignesh5048

Welcome to the community!!!

Congratulations on your achievements so far :slight_smile:
As @HareeshMR mentioned, now what you need to do is to get the certification done. This will help you in getting jobs in this field. Also, to gain some experience in solving problems in RPA, gain more experience in what types of automation projects are being built around the world. It would be beneficial when it comes to interviews and stuff. You can learn a lot by engaging yourself here in the forum as well. When I started my RPA journey, forum helped me to learn as well as to gain experience in different automation projects and solving RPA problems…

Good luck on your new career!!!


@HareeshMR and @Lahiru.Fernando . it would be heloful to clarify the proceedings in my carrier.