What do i need to achieve to find a RPA job

Hello Everyone,
I would like to know what certificate / level of knowledge i have to pursue in order to apply for RPA job related. Is the academy courses enough or do i have to finish something else.
I would really appreciate if you can send me a link to a recognized certificate.



First try to complete all levels training in academy and also there will be some assignments in Level 3 training and that also Complete it.

In Certificate.uipath.com site, one certification is there and it’s for RPA developers and also take some real time usecases and work on that. Its enough to get job.


Hi Buddy @mozahra

Welcome back to uipath community,

Fine, first i would like to appreciate your interest towards this, as the first step we take is always important to make a big progress…Fantastic
In order to apply for a RPA job, we need to have certain competencies that makes you unique among others, and let me tell you one by one

  1. First while coming to UiPath, if you are searching for a job that uses UiPath we need to have certain certification which are usually provided on free cost by UiPath, like
    –Level -1 Foundation Training
    –Level - 2 Orchestrator
    –Level - 3 Advanced Training
    –And finally RPA Developer Certification
    where for the first three diploma certification kindly refer this link, sign up and take the three levels of training and acquire the diploma certificates and it also has other certifications like
    –Solution Architect
    –Business Analyst
    –AI Computer vision
    these diploma certifications will also add some extra feathers to your hat
    UiPath Academy

and Finally for RPA Certification this link, which is very important and this will assure that you are a excellent asset of UiPath Family and its product

  1. Then in addition to make sure that you are technically efficient we need to have certain programming language based knowledge and certifications, that are provided by MICROSOFT, that include
    –Programming in C sharp – https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/learning/exam-70-483.aspx
    –SQL Server certification – https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/learning/exam-70-761.aspx

And now you are ready to face any RPA Job interviews and blast them…
All the best, now its all yours
Cheers @mozahra


@Palaniyappan and @lakshman I am thinking to enroll in Edureka online training.
[RPA Course using UiPath Certification Training](http://RPA Edureka online training). to get a certificate quickly to be able to find a job as am jobless now as certificates here is important to be able to find a job, then i work on the uipath academy courses later.
kindly share your thoughts.


Thats Good, The ball is in your court buddy
I would like to suggest you one thing alone, UiPath is the best source to describe the uipath products, as it is meant to be, they can only describe their product in a best way than any else and it is made possible now with uipath academy. UiPath Academy
So if you are about to get the training from Edureka on UIPATH, i would suggest to go for uipath academy online rather to edureka,
I think thats the best source of knowledge to get on uipath than any thing else…
you have video session, quiz session, practice session, and final test to evaluate ourself, sounds awesome, isn’t it…
Well if you are trying to get in common for RPA, not in specific to uipath, you can prefer edureka,…its your wish…
All the best…you got lot of opportunities out there, for this domain
Never do less than the best…sure you can shine on this buddy
Cheers @mozahra

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Hey, why enroll to a course at another website if UiPath itself has a online training academy totally free of charge?

If you start today you can finish all the three levels in less than 1 month depending on your training hours dedication :slight_smile: Also, the certificate from the UiPath Academy is much more valuable than others as it’s the official training provided.

Have a nice training and I’m sure you will find good jobs after finishing it! :smiley:



i have 10 year industry experience (production planning & inside sales) now i want to switch my career in uipath i dont have coding skill it bit tough for me i think but when i gone through many blogs i found Uipath is easy and no coding required to learn so please suggest me can i get job after learn uipath without coding background?

Hello, Jai_Vyas :slight_smile:

For sure. But keep in mind that UiPath sometimes requires some coding (VB .NET programming language) during the development. Of course, you don’t need to be a Master Jedi of coding to learn UiPath and develop robots but as I said, you’ll face some coding during your RPA learning anyway.



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