RPA Methodology

Hello World.

I would like to suggest to build a methodology for the process that are candidates for UiPath, like for the process itself and for the process used to build the robots, I’ve seen that some of us are using design patterns and have taken a lot from previous experience working with OOP.

I mean I would like to standardize stages,templates, outputs (documents) and so on.

Is it a good idea to start it here? or should I keep chasing pavements?

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We already have our very own detailed standards and methodologies. What we have found is that building the “happy path” solution is easy with UiPath but because it is such a flexible tool you have to have tight standards controlling development. We also have many templates and sample workflows but these will vary from company to company and potentially from client to client so hard to prescribe one methodology for everything and everyone.

However, UiPath themselves do have some recommended ways of doing things and perhaps they could share these and also any templates that they have. Not sure if this would only be available for Enterprise customers though.



Awesome, maybe not to build “the methodology” but now that we are way more experienced we can share how we are building the solutions for the robots.

for instance this is what I do: Ask the collaborators (employees) to let us know what task they are doing are time consuming and are repetitive, dive in and see if this is a task or process, see if we can use rpa in the end to end process and start from there to actually get all the info to build the solution.

Create a SOW:

For this I create a class diagram, the flowchart of the process previous RPA and then a flowchart with RPA implemented.

Development of the solution with UiPath (like “dividing” the process in small steps for better testing and fast development).
document of Testing
document of release
document of Post release

What you guys think? My manager says that, since this is from my experience has no real value. (of course I was like “no way” but aside the drama, I would really would like to touch base on the RPA methodology.) :slight_smile: